True Custom Apparel Beginners

I am brand new to Bishop and the True Custom process, please tell me everything!

Spoiler Alert! Each level comes with the same 3 initial questions:

  1. Can you reach our MOQ of 300 units for outerwear and 500 units for everything else?
  2. Do you have about 120 days? (estimated from the time that we start designing, to the product landing in the US via boat)
  3. Do you have a target budget range for what you are trying to build?

Some next steps to consider

  • Please take advantage of the robust content on this website.  Previous volumes of The Bespoke, the Resources section and the Design area will be great options for you.
  • Consider having us come in and present the Bishop platform in person, OR, please let us run a remote webinar for you.
  • Review the Design Checklist below as a guide for what we need to best execute on the custom apparel branding mission
  • Please review the Custom Process diagram.
  • Your budget estimates are needed for reverse engineering, maximizing quality and branding options while staying within your budget.

Once you have everything assembled please send it over and we will get to work!  Our team will be in contact if they have additional questions.

Design Wishlist

  1. Brand guidelines
  2. Budget—we will reverse engineer to your budget estimates, maximizing quality and design impact
  3. Quantity needed
  4. In-hands delivery deadline
  5. All available vector (functional) art files
  6. End-user website links
  7. Insight to any additional relevant graphic elements (historical images, patterns, textures, etc.)
  8. Web links / pictures / sketches of any existing garments which have features or styling you wish incorporated.
  9. Are there specific functional elements that we can incorporate? (pocketing, range of motion needs, technical finishes, etc.)
  10. Aside from the expected custom labeling, can we add messaging and / or specific function to the INSIDE of the garment?
  11. Anything notable about demographics, corporate culture, mission statements, strategic partnerships or co-branding?
  12. Are there any specific avoidances?


I’m new to Bishop and the True Custom process, please tell me everything.


I’m familiar with custom apparel, I have some ideas, and I need the Bishop magic.


I know the custom process well and I know exactly what I want.