True Custom Apparel for the World’s Best Brands

True Custom Apparel for the World’s Best Brands

Translucent Pocket Tee

Tactical Polo

Contrast Trim Short Sleeve Shirt

Reversible Sublimated Bomber

Ottoman Mixed Media Jacket

Denim Hooded Shirt Jac

Since 1997 Bishop Custom Clothing has Outfitted the World’s Top Companies

Working closely with select creative agency partners, top businesses and retail brands trust us to deliver exactly what they want when they need it, from complex uniform programs to unique limited edition styles.

Your vision, Your Way

Our Bishop mission, our passion, and our unique strategic advantage is our proven ability to hyper-brand apparel and accessories to YOU, to YOUR VISION and YOUR BRAND.

We love and are very proud of the awesome content found in our website, but these great styles, ideas, and case studies are meant to INSPIRE you and to get the wheels spinning in your mind.

Bring us your magazine clippings, your favourite web links, your doodling pads and bar napkin sketches (our favourite)… realize the power of TRUE CUSTOM. Are you inspired? Let’s go!.